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Admissions Process 招生流程与步骤

Admissions Process 招生流程与步骤


Applying to BIBA 申请海嘉

We are delighted that you have decided to apply to Beijing International Bilingual Academy (BIBA) and welcome applications from students of all nationalities. BIBA community offers an environment that values respect, rigor, responsibility and relationships. BIBA welcomes all students and families who understand and support the school’s mission, philosophy and goals.


Applications for admission are accepted twice a year, subject to the capacity of intended grade levels and program requirements. The process is as follows.



Step 1: Arrange a Visit 第一步:预约参观

Tours and Open Houses are available on a monthly basis and are a great opportunity to meet our team and learn more about BIBA. We encourage all parents to make an appointment and visit our campus before enrolling in our programs, in this way parents will be able to know our school culture personally and ask any questions.

学校定期举办招生说明会及开放日, 同时鼓励所有家庭报名前先预约参观海嘉学校,亲自到校了解,感受校园文化并咨询相关问题。

The online system for booking a School Tour or Open House has opened for 2018-2019 School Year.



Step 2: Submit Application 第二步:申请报名

2.1 Complete the online application: (Please open with Safari, FireFox or Google Chrome)

 完成网上报名: (请用火狐、谷歌或苹果浏览器打开)

2.2 Please submit the following documents to school on Monday and/or Wednesday 13:30-15:00 (during working days)


- Complete the Health and Physical Examination Form 填写健康记录表

- Photocopy of Hukou Book (Chinese passport holder) 户口本首页及孩子本人页复印件

- Photocopy of parents’ ID card (Chinese passport holder) 父母双方的有效身份证复印件各一份(正、反面)

- Photocopy of valid passport and visa page of student and both parents (foreign passport holder) 学生及父母双方的有效护照及签证页复印件各一份 (适用于外国籍家庭)

- Complete the insurance and School Service Form填写医疗保险和学习服务表

- Withdrawal and Refund Policy signed签署转退费政策与规定

- Complete the School Bus Application Form, if necessary填写校车申请表(如需要)

- Photocopy of student immunization record疫苗本复印件

- Copies of student’s previous report ( Required for G2-G12 students) 学生近一年的成绩报告复印件(申请2-12年级的学生须提供)

- Recommendation Letter (Required for KG to G12 students) 推荐信(申请学前班至12年级的学生须提供)

2.3 Application fee of RMB 2,000 (Non-refundable and non transferable) 缴纳报名费2000元(不予退还或转让)

Step 3: Interview and notification 第三步:面试与通知

Once we have received all of the documents listed above and payment, we will invite you and your child(ren) for an interview or testing.


Parent will receive one of the following notifications from school:

- Acceptance letter along with health check infomation letter and invoice

- Waitlist notification email, or

- Rejection email


- 录取通知书、入学体检通知及学费单

- 等位通知邮件

- 未录取通知邮件


STEP 4: Payment 第四步:付款

Full payment is required before a student may attend class. Please refer to the invoice for the amount due, the due date and the bank information. Please write down your child’s grade level and name while transferring, and please send the bank slip to after transferred. For all accepted students, placement will be guaranteed upon confirmation from the BIBA Finance department. If full payment is not received by the due date, we cannot guarantee the placement for your child.



STEP 5: Preparation for entering school 第五步:准备入学

- Complete the Health Check before the deadline (within three months before school starts) 在规定时间内提交体检报告(三个月内有效)

- Pick up uniform according to the notice 在规定时间内领取校服

- Confirm school bus time and stop, if necessary 校车时间与地点确认(如需要)

- Prepare for school according to the welcome letter via email. 按照新生欢迎邮件的提示进行开学准备。