Applicant’s Information | 学生信息

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Applicant’s Information | 学生基本信息
Upload New Photo?

Please provide a 2-inch white background photo. This photo will be used to check the identity of the student on testing day.

Student’s Name | 学生姓名

如学生姓名为 张小明,请填写 张小明。
If the student’s name is 张小明, please fill in 张小明.

如:David Zhang 或 Xiaoming Zhang,请注意首字母大写。
e.g:David Zhang or Xiaoming Zhang and capitalize the first letter.

Please fill:Provincial/Municipality+City/Distric, e.g: Bejing Shunyi District

Home Address | 家庭住址

Contact Number | 联系电话

Sibling Information | 其他子女信息

For the only child family, please click the trash icon on the right to delete this item.

Name | 姓名

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